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Happy Health Shack

Naturopathic Remedies Made Just For You

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About Us

Pathway to Health and Hope

Owner Lisa Tye has studied the healing properties of plants for three decades. Along with Naturopathic certifications, she also earned an EdD in Education, MS degree in Administration, as well as a BS degree in Biology and Botany from the State University of NY.

Years of illness and pain forced Lisa Tye to discover effective healing from depression, fibromyalgia, migraines and other maladies that chemical pharmaceuticals could not. Lisa began a journey to discover holistic and healthy alternatives from disease and pain. ” I know first hand that living in poor health or pain prevents us from succeeding in every avenue of life”. “Everything suffers when you do not feel well; your career, family, relationships and our ability to achieve success”. “With renewed energy and health comes joy, happiness and vitality” states Tye. “When health is restored it is as if the clouds are removed and for the first time you have clarity, focus the ability to enjoy life and overcome obstacles”.

A Passion for Quality Life

At Happy Health Shack, we have a passion for sharing our love of food with everyone we meet. We’ve been devoted to offering the highest-quality products at affordable prices.

Happy Health Shack has become a popular Health Food Store. We look forward to serving the Aberdeen, South Dakota community for years to come.